I develop strategic concepts and collections for manufacturers, retailers and brands. After seven years of working as a designer in New York, I relocated to San Francisco. 

I travel to factories in India and China to oversee development for clients.  My experiences and training abroad have enriched and influenced my craft. From the weaving and handicrafts in India to the print production and hard goods design in China. 

Nature has always been a strong inspiration for me and with my designs I bring the outdoors inside through my use of organic shapes, texture and patterns.

Originally I began my career as a marketing manager and media planner/buyer at various advertising agencies in Phoenix and New York. One thing led to another and my love for design motivated me to start working as a freelance graphic designer. While working as a freelancer for a while, I realized that my passion was in patterns and textiles. That journey led me to FIT and influenced me in my desire to work in the textile industry.